All the Elements that make up a website!

There are a myriad of different elements that can be added to a web page so we've compiled as complete a list as we could muster to help you decide what elements you would like to see on your website. We hope this helps you during the planning state and for providing information to us for a quote request.

  • Testimonials


    This lets your visitors know what your previous customers or visitors have to say about your website or business. An awesome chance to tell everyone all the great things people are saying about you or your business!

  • Contact Form

    Contact Form (Included Free!)

    One of the best ways to assure your visitors can reach you is to use a form. This is also a great way to gather information from your visitors that you need in order to complete a task, job or service for them.

  • Maps


    Maps are a great way to show your location on your About or Contact page. There are lots of different types of maps, but the 2 best ways that we've seen are to include either a large map that is clear to read and easily states your location, or to use a Google imbeded map that is interactive and allows people to open it to the Google page itself to see the full map of the area.

  • Quote Form

    Quote Form

    Need to gather information from your visitors in order to provide a quote? Forms are a great way to do this. Forms can be setup to either gradually populate the fields based on previous choices (what we call conditional fields), or to lay it out fully on the page so all fields are visible right from the start. Either way you can gather as much information as you require to provide a great quote base.

  • Image Gallery

    Image Gallery

    I'm sure these go without saying what they actually are, but did you know there are lots of different types of them? And there are many different types of transitions you can use for them too, from sliding to disolving to fading. Quite a fascinating setup when it comes down to it and it's a great way to display your photos, location shoots, or event galleries.

  • Payments Form (aka eCommerce)

    Payments Form (aka eCommerce)

    Another branch of the form family is the ability to combine the gathering of information with the power of sales. Want to sell your photos or maybe you have crafts you do that you'd like to sell online? This is a very powerful yet simple way to set that all up. We can create the pages of products manually and the form will do the rest for selling. Great tool for small item sales.

  • Image &/or Text Slider/Fader

    Image &/or Text Slider/Fader

    Similar to the photo gallery setups, there is also the possibility of setting up text sliders that are great for advertising. Many can utilize both text and images and provide a great way to catch your visiting audience's eyes right off the bat.

  • Forms (Misc.)

    Forms (Misc.)

    We don't pretend to know every reason someone could need a form, so if you don't see your form listed here, don't be disuaded as we can build your form for any custom need you could possibly have. There are almost no limits to what a form can be used for so just tell us what you require it for and we'll build it from the ground up!

  • Image Lightbox

    Image Lightbox

    A strange concept in how popups were so negative for so many years, this one is all positive all the way. This allows you to have your visitor click an image and open a larger image popup that can also be a slideable gallery with clickable arrows to browse through all the images on the page. A great way to showcase your artwork or products.

  • Forum (aka Message Boards)

    Forum (aka Message Boards)

    This is a handy tool for gamers, family, online stores, software developers, and just about any entity that requires the ability for their customers/visitors/users to communicate on a larger level than just one on one with you. This is a great way to stimulate discussions between your visitors and gives them the ability to help eachother and share ideas too.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ... or FAQ as they are usually known, are a must when you have a lot of visitors that ask a lot of questions. Eventually you see a pattern in the information your visitors are requesting, and a FAQ list is the best way to get that information to your visitors to save both them and you some time answering the same questions over and over. It's also the perfect place to put pertinent info you feel is important.

  • Video Player/Gallery

    Video Player/Gallery

    Do you need to serve up a video to your visitors? Maybe you even have a whole bunch of them that need to be added to a page? We can do that! There are lots of ways to place videos on a page for your visitors to access, just let us know your requirements for them and we'll get it worked up fast and easy!

  • Blogs & Journals

    Blogs & Journals

    Need to converse with the web world? Got information that you just have to share with everyone? Blogging is the best way to do that. You can choose from a full blown Blog website setup or a basic blog setup included on the page. Some people even want a private blog that they can invite others to. Elements in Webdesign can make that happen!

  • Newsletter Signup Form

    Newsletter Signup Form

    Although that line speaks pretty much for itself, for those not sure what that's about, a Newsletter form will allow your visitors to sign up for your newsletter. This can be done manually by you adding them to a personal list you keep, or by connecting it with a Mailchimp account that will automate the list for you, and you just need to create the emails for it then! Pretty slick huh?!

  • Music Player

    Music Player

    Yep, you can add music to your website for your visitors enjoyment. Add your playlists for them to play all of your favorites and theirs! **Caution** Although it seems cool, we don't recommend adding music to the page itself as many people are very irritated when they go to a website and happen to have their speakers turned on full blast and get blown out of their chairs!

  • Family Tree

    Family Tree

    So you've decided to work on your family tree, and you don't want to pay some other website extra to do so. That's where we come in! We can add a full blown family tree setup to your website for you and your family to access and update at your leisure. Keeping up with the family has never been easier than this!

  • Social Networking Buttons

    Social Networking Buttons

    Got Facebook? Google+ or LinkedIn? We've got you covered with many choices in how you display those links to your visitors to get them to your social pages. Buttons or links can be placed almost anywhere on a page or on all the pages of your website, that choice is entirely up to you. Don't be shy, get social!

  • Polls & Surveys

    Polls & Surveys

    You have a need to know what your visitors think about things, and maybe a full blown forum is just too much hassle? Well Polls and Surveys can be an extremely helpful way to gather the information you need without the upkeep of a forum. We've got just the answer for that and can get a Poll or Survey setup for you lickitty split!

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Need to talk to your visitors one on one or one on many? Live chats are a great way to do just that. This can be implemented as a side item or a full blown page item, depends on your needs and preferences. Let us know what you're using the chat for and we'll set it up the best way for your needs.

  • Calendars


    Online calendars have changed the way we live tremendously over the past 10 years, and your website is no exception to this new fad. We have calendars from a basic events calendar to a full blown interactive Google Calendar setup that you can share with others. It all depends on what you need a calendar for, and we can help you choose the best route!

  • Tabbed Info Boxes

    Tabbed Info Boxes

    Although this feature isn't actually a "need" it's definitely something you see on many sites these days. What am I talking about? It's a text box, but it's tabbed with different tabs for different categories! Great way to showcase specific information and/or images that puts them at the fingertips of your users without having to leave that spot on the page!

  • Tabbed Info Boxes

    Accordion Elements

    Similar to using Tabs to display information, we can also use an Accordion box. This allows for the ability to create sections of information where a person can click the section to open it and it will display the information that goes with that section's title. Very slick way to display your information as well as making your site have some really creative interactive functions.

  • Menus & Link Boxes

    Menus & Link Boxes

    Menus are of course the backbone of navigating your website and we have lots to choose from. You can even opt for a box of links on a sidebar or the footer or pretty much anywhere you like on any page or all of them. While menus are a total must to every website, some people like an added set of links to specific items that are not on the menu. Link lists are a great way to do that!