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Elements in Websdesign has been providing Website Creation & Management, Template Creation, Layout Creation & Superior Hosting for over 12 years. We've carved our little niche in the online world and we're digging deeper every day. Our website designer are top of the line an will work with you or your representative one on one for a more indepth, precise and personal experience to design or update your website to your standards and preferences.

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    We at Elements in Webdesign have a clear and productive motto & policy. We build the site you want, period. You tell us what you want, we'll give you our feedback on your ideas (it would be less than professional if we did not provide that). We'll present our suggestions and in the end we'll create the site you want. While we always hope you will take our experienced suggestions to heart, we understand that there are times where a client has a specific vision in mind and wants that vision to be created.

    We can't stress enough that your website is your domain, and in your domain your rules are the ones that needs o be followed. There are thousands of Web Designers out there that would love to make "their" website for you. We want to make "yours"! That doesn't mean we won't guide you along the way, steering you away from old fashioned, non-functional elements, or elements that are just no longer good to put on websites at all (Flash items come to mind here as they cannot be seen on most Apple based mobile devices). What it "does" mean is that we will do everything we can to accommodate your vision while keeping it up to date and looking fresh and new. If for some reason something you want to do on your website cannot be done any longer or exactly how you want it, we will do our best to find an alternative idea or method to try our best to help bring your ideas to life.

    Our web designers at Elements in Webdesign want you to be satisfied with your choice to work with us and the best way we know how to assure that is to create "your" home on the web, not ours!

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    While we pride ourselves on our up to date and creative website design, we also do quite a bit of Website Maintenance. We work with websites we have created for you or maybe you have a site that someone else created for you that you like as it is, but you need someone to help you maintain the content to keep it fresh and updated. Need to update your Events list, or maybe you have another page you want to add to the website? There are lots of different things that need to be done to websites at various time frames and Elements in Webdesign has many clients that we do just that for. We can work with you on an hourly basis or you can choose from our very affordable and money saving Maintenance Plans from the chart below and we'll be happy to make sure your website gets all the attention it needs to get it up to date.

    Our hourly rates are currently at $35.00 per hour which run at 1/2 hour minimums when you work with us on an hourly basis. Working with us using a Maintenance Contract not only saves you money by giving you substantial discounts on the hourly rate, it also saves your time used as we work with 15 minute minimums then and that means you get more for your hard earned dollars! Our hourly and contract rates are subject to change at any time so check back if you're ever thinking of doing contracts or curious about our hourly rates as we'll always have the most up to date rates listed here. Here's our current Maintenance Plan rate chart:

    Length Hours Cost/Hr Total Savings Original Cost Discount Price
    6 Months 12 $33 $24 $420 $396
    12 Months 24 $31 $96 $840 $744
    18 Months 36 $29 $216 $1260 $1044
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    Maybe you're not a full blown web designer or coder, but you'd like to put your own content in your content in a fully completed website theme. We can make that happen! We have the ability to create a complete theme for you that has all the bells and whistles in place as far as Logo area, Menus, Footer, all function and ready for you to edit to change the links to your own links and add your own images. Although similar to the Layout (explained below) this setup includes all the items that you want to use already in place. Background images/colors, text colors, font choices, everything placed exactly where you want it, image place holders for you to replace with your own images, almost like saying "just add water" with the water being your own content (text, images, etc.). We can do as much or as little as you like, all depends on your skills and your preferences as always. We provide you with 3 to 5 different page layouts so you have a variety of different pages to work with. This leads us into the Layout information which is similar.

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    A Layout is a skeletal structure of a website that shows the placement of elements on a page. The structure of a website is really the backbone and most tedious part of creating a website. This is the first step to creating a website due to the placement of elements needing to be finalized before the actual content is added to the page. If you're wanting a structure where you can do the creative designing process yourself, then we can make that happen for you. You provide us with a structure design via images, sketches, phone conversations, etc. and we'll place all the parts and pieces into the perfect spots for you. We don't add any bells and whistles to this setup, just the areas of placement are setup for you to input whatever content you want to put in. We can provide you with parts and pieces should you like, but once again that's all in your skill level and your preferences so just tell us exactly how much you want completed and we'll do our part! Once again with this system we provide you with 3 to 5 different page layouts for you to work with to create your website. Of course the amount of pages depends on what you request so that number is always negotiable.

    Layouts are also how we start creating your website for you when you hire us for a complete website. Using a layout structure we're able to get the positioning of all elements approved by you first before we hit the design and content areas, and this gives us a lot more control over how quickly and precisely your website is completed. This is because we're not having to manipulate the content should you decide you would like this element on the left, and the side column on the right instead of the left, or maybe you want a gallery on the top or bottom. Placement is crucial to knowing the size of the areas needed to work with the many elements that comprise a complete website and is much easier to do before the content is added. All of these things play a big part in how easily the content can be added, so we'll get your approval for each page before we continue so that when the Layout is complete, the rest will fall more quickly into place.

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    Your "branding" is a very intricate part of your website and should represent your site, business or yourself as the first main impression that you want your visitors to see. We're here to help you bring that impression full circle to your audience to get you noticed. We can create as detailed or as plain of a logo as you need so don't skimp on the details, tell us exactly how you visualize it and we'll bring it to life!

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    Providing Hosting to you is essential to your website having a great place to call home. This service is provided to those having website created by us (FREE for the first year of hosting when you have your complete website created by us), to those having any work done by us at all really, and those that are just looking for a new home for their current website or the one they want to create themselves. We cover our hosting information in more detail on our Hosting Information page.