Elements in WebDesign Services

The Many Services We Provide

Elements in WebDesign has been providing Website Creation & Management, Template Creation, Layout Creation & Superior Hosting for over 15 years. We've carved our little niche in the online world and we're digging deeper every day. Our front end Web Design skills are top of the line and we'll work with you or your representative one on one for a more in-depth, precise and personal experience, to design or update your website to your standards and preferences.

W ebsite Design

We at Elements in Webdesign have a clear and productive motto & policy. We build the site you want, period. You tell us what you want, we'll give you our feedback on your ideas (it would be less than professional if we did not provide that). We'll present our suggestions, alert you of any features that should not be used or are not usable (if any) and in the end we'll create the site you want. While we always hope you will take our experienced suggestions to heart, we do understand that there are times where a client has a specific vision in mind and wants that vision to be created.  We will do our very best to see that happen.

We can't stress enough that your website is your domain, and in your domain your rules are the ones that need to be followed. There are thousands of Web Designers out there that would love to make "their" website for you. We want to make "yours"! That doesn't mean we won't guide you along the way, steering you away from old fashioned, non-functional elements, or elements that are just no longer good to put on websites at all (Flash items come to mind here as they cannot be seen on most Apple based mobile devices).

What it "does" mean is that we will do everything we can to accommodate your vision while keeping it up to date and looking fresh and new. If for some reason something you want to do on your website cannot be done any longer or exactly how you want it, we will do our best to find an alternative idea or method to help bring your ideas to life.

Our web designers at Elements in Webdesign want you to be satisfied with your choice to work with us and the best way we know how to assure that is to create "your" home on the web, not ours!

Site Maintenance

While we pride ourselves on our creative and current website design skills, we also do quite a bit of Website Maintenance work. We work with websites we have created for you or maybe you have a site that someone else created for you, but you need someone to help you maintain the content to keep it fresh and updated. Maybe you need to update your Events list, or maybe you have another page you want to add to the website. There are lots of different changes that need to be done at various time frames, to keep your visitors coming back, and Elements in Webdesign can help with that. We will work with you on an hourly basis to make sure your website gets all the attention it needs to get it up to date.  Our hourly rates are currently at $35.00 per hour which run at 1/2 hour minimums with 1/2 hour increments.

Hosting Your Website

Providing Hosting to you is essential to your website having a great place to call home. This service is available for all websites created by us (FREE first year of hosting you purchase a complete website with us), to those wanting to create their own sites and to those that are just looking for a new home for their current website. We cover our hosting information in more detail on our hosting information page.

Other services

There are also a handful of services we provide at extra costs should you need them.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Template Design - we do the styles and component placements, you add your images and text
  • Logo Design - We'll design up a handful of Logos with your ideas in mind, for you to choose one from.
  • Transfering your Domain Name from one service to another.
  • Form Creation
  • Image Editing
  • Discussion Forums aka Message Boards
  • and other services that crop up along the way.