Privacy policy

Elements in Webdesign respects your privacy completely!

Elements in Webdesign and its employees are bound to a strict code of ethics. We will never divulge your personal information to any other person or entity other than for the purpose of aiding authorities in legal matters. There are no exceptions to this rule and we want you know your information is completely safe with us. In the event that any type of vulnerability is breeched on our servers or any accounts on our servers, we will immediately, upon notification of the issue, email all of our clients to notify them and to strongly suggest changes in passwords as soon as possible.

Do we add you to a mailing list?

Not without your explicit consent, and that's usually via a form that you have personally filled out and may opt out of at any time.

Do we share your information with affiliates?

Once again that is strictly on a consentual basis. We will never sell, share, or disclose personally identifying information about our clients to any 3rd party without your explicit permission and knowledge.

Spamming Policy

Truth be told we hate spam as much as the next person so we've vowed not to ever do that to others. When there is a newsletter present, and you want to recieve it ther will be a form for you to opt in to do so manually on your own without our involvement in the decision in any way. Unless you have opted into that newsletter, you can be sure you will not recieve it. Does that mean you will never hear from us? No, I'm sure there will be times when we want you to know what's going on, but those will be few and far between as we don't want to interrupt your busy schedules with unneccessary nor unwanted solicitations.

How your information you share with us is used

Information shared with us is used solely for the purpose of account setups, account transfers, domain setups, and such items as needed to assure the work we do for you is able to be completed. All of the items mentioned at at the sole consent of you, the client, prior to accessing any outside accounts (outside being accounts not on our servers). Beyond that would be information shared with us for the sole purpose of requesting the newsletter, which as previously mentioned, is not an automated thing, (in other words we don't add you in there just because you became a client, you must request it yourself).

Have questions about our policy?

Feel free to contact us with any concerns about our privacy policy. Although we're hoping we've laid your worries to rest with the above explainations, we're more than happy to discuss any issues you may have so as to assure you that your information is completely safe with us. Please use our contact form and we'll get back to you quickly with any extra information you may need.