Payment Policies

We've put together a bit of information to help you understand how our payment system works at Elements in WebDesign. Please read these carefully as they do affect many aspects of the services we offer as well as the products you have purchased through us.


If you have had your domain name purchased by us and it resides on our domain hosting account at our domain hosting company, you are subject to the following payment policy:

Domain Renewals are set to auto-renew when first set up on my account for you. The amount is deducted automatically from my credit card and the renewal is done automatically for us. In order to assure that I am reimbursed, my service bills ahead of the domain payment to assure that I will receive the payment in advance rather than after the renewal. This also safeguards us both so we are not renewing a domain that is no longer wanted/needed.

Hence, domain renewals fees are due at least 5 days prior to the domain being renewed (not to be confused with the actual expiration date). Your invoice due date is calculated at 5 days prior to the renewal date, typically 2 weeks in advance of the expiration date, in order to allow your payment to process prior to renewal.

Any payments on domain renewals not paid by the due date will be subject to the loss of automatic renewal. This will subject your domain's subsequent renewals to the possibility of expiring as well as the loss of the domain permanently if not paid in the reasonable amount of time the domain registrars give for grace period, which varies per company.

NOTE: If the domain is auto renewed by the domain registrar prior to payment being received by us, all other work done by us on your account, website, hosting package, etc. will be on hold until this invoice has been paid and payment has fully processed.


At this time the prices for certificates are dollar for dollar. You pay what we pay for them from the provider. This could change in the future. A small fee will also be added to cover the labor of installation of the certificates as well. Since SSL Certificates have expiration dates, payment policy for them is as follows:

SSL Fees are due no later than the due date on your invoice in order to allow enough time to get the work completed prior to the expiration date. This payment is in advance of the work in order to verify acceptance of renewal or installation. Once installed, unless there are unique circumstances that may allow me to receive a refund from the provider, there will be no refunds to you, as the SSL certificate will have already been charged to me by the registrar and are usually not refundable.

**NOTE**: Elements in WebDesign will not provide website work without the use of SSL certificate installations. Our test and temp servers have it installed for the creation of new websites, but once the new site is added to your domain and live, no updates will be done to the site by until the SSL certificate is installed.

Please be aware that many browsers have dire consequences for sites that do not comply with this procedure. Any decisions made by the client to not install or renew an SSL certificate is the sole responsibility of the client.


Hosting fees are due upon the invoice date due. Hosting fees not paid by the due date will incur an additional $2 fee for each date it is late. There will be a 15 day grace period for hosting renewals upon which, if not paid by the end of that period, the hosting account will be suspended until payment is made. If not paid within 30 days, the account will be cancelled unless prior arrangements have been made.

Hosting can be paid for multiple years at a time should you choose to do so which also locks in the current price for your account.
Please contact us for multiple year renewals.

Hosting packages not paid for by the due date (unless arrangements have been premade) will also result in all other work done by us on your account, website, hosting package, etc. being put on hold until the hosting invoice has been paid and payment has fully processed.


Each month you will receive a maintenance log to help you keep track of the amount of hours/minutes that have been used throughout the contract. When the contract has hit the last month you will receive an email letting you know that the contract end is near and requesting information for renewal. Thank you so much for working with me and using the smart choice to save yourself money utilizing the maintenance contract!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that maintenance contracts only cover work on the website itself. Examples of items that are not covered by this are Domain Renewals/Transfers/Management Fees, SSL Certificate Purchases and labor fees, Hosting Fees, external subscriptions or purchases for website elements such as Calendar subscriptions, Gallery subscriptions, Website Theme purchases, etc. There may be other services or products not covered by this contract. If you are unsure, please ask and we can discuss your needs at that time.

Please contact us to get your contract started. Contracts may also include the latest work completed for updates if the contract has been discussed and being decided on. Work completed must be done no later than 15 days prior to the contract start to be considered.

Invoices are sent for Maintenance Contracts and are due upon receipt. Starting dates will either start to include previous work as stated above, or will commence on the day or day after the payment has been recieved and/or processed.


You may pay your invoice by Credit Card/Check Card via PayPal through your invoice.

If Paying by Check, Please see your invoice for all the needed information for who to write the check out to and where to send it. Please understand that payments by check require an added time period for processing and in some cases may affect the date work can be started or continued with. Please allow enough time with your check payment for payment processing to complete before due dates arrive.

Have questions about our policy?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our Payment Policy. Although we're hoping we've laid your worries to rest with the above explainations, we're more than happy to discuss any issues you may have so as to assure you that you have the most up to date Payment information. Please use our contact form and we'll get back to you quickly with any extra information you may need.